Strategize with Creativity


Season 01, Episode 04

The Power of Community:
Leveraging Facebook Groups for Business Growth
(with Hope Long)

In this episode, we’re joined by the amazing Hope Long, who shares her experience on creating a successful Facebook group from scratch. Get ready to dive into the world of community-building and discover how to foster a sense of belonging, connection, and authenticity to drive your business growth. 

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About Hope Long

Hope Long

Hope Long is a Lead Generation Specialist and Marketing Coach. She found her way into entrepreneurship when she discovered that the opposite of her very own struggles and pain was CONNECTION. That has been the driving force, and the foundation of her path to help female entrepreneurs not only get visible online, but make a bigger IMPACT.

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About your host, Jade Francesca

Jade Francesca, Aligned Marketing Strategist, is the Founder of Strategize with Creativity. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs market their business from a place of authenticity, integrity and alignment. Jade’s mission is to guide her audience towards falling back in love with their business by learning how to attract the right audience and sell with passion.

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