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Season 01, Episode 02

Aligned Copywriting: How to convert your audience into paying clients (with Valicia France)

In this episode, we discuss the building blocks of a good copywriting strategy, from how to build an ideal customer profile to creating your authentic marketing message, to tips on how to convert your audience into paying clients.

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About Valicia France

Valicia France is a digital copywriter who traded her tropical home to put down new roots in North Carolina at the height of the pandemic. She re-discovered her love of writing during a life-changing “a-ha” moment after surviving back-to-back natural disasters. Now, she uses her writing talents to help coaches and consultants communicate their offer value so they can attract, nurture, and convert more perfect-fit clients.

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About your host, Jade Francesca

Jade Francesca, Aligned Marketing Strategist, is the Founder of Strategize with Creativity. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs market their business from a place of authenticity, integrity and alignment. Jade’s mission is to guide her audience towards falling back in love with their business by learning how to attract the right audience and sell with passion.

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