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Marketing doesn't have to be this hard.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm, the ridiculous unnecessary expenses (like a 10k coaching program that delivers no result…), and strategies that are misaligned for you and simply don’t work.

Let’s rewrite the rules of marketing and tailor it to YOUR business.

I love working with Jade.
Magic always happens with her!

Elise Tela

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Aligned Marketing is the solution you've been looking for.

Ever since I started my business, I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs are growing dissatisfied and defeated with the lack of progress they’re making. People aren’t visiting their website, people aren’t listening to their podcast, people aren’t answering their DM’s, people aren’t engaging with the things they post, etc.

If that sounds like you, it might be because your strategy simply isn’t aligned with you, and so it’s not attracting your ideal audience or your soulmate clients.

More and more, people want a real human connection before they purchase a product or service. They need to like you, trust you, and most importantly, they need to know you—the real you.

That only happens when you align your marketing strategy with who you are, instead of following trends, advice from social media gurus, or cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all strategies that claim they work for everyone.

With an aligned marketing strategy tailored to you, you will connect with people who think like you and can relate to you.

That’s who your ideal audience and soulmate clients are.

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Jade Francesca is an amazing young lady who speaks and works from the heart.

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The REVA Experience

Hi! I'm Jade Francesca!

I’m the Founder of Strategize with Creativity, a business all about Aligned Marketing.

I help heart-centered and passion-driven entrepreneurs (like you!) market their business from a place of authenticity, integrity and alignment. 

My mission is to guide you towards falling back in love with your business by learning how to attract the right audience and sell with passion.

How would you like to trade your marketing overwhelm for happiness, fun, and alignment?

Why did I choose aligned marketing?

Because I felt discouraged, sales-y and uncomfortable with marketing tactics I had been taught, to the point where I procrastinated talking about my offers and ultimately wanted to quit.

This happens to too many of us.

That’s why I have repositioned my marketing business to aligned marketing, because feeling aligned and connected to your marketing, your offers and your messaging is crucial to have a business you feel happy with, a business that attracts your ideal audience and a business who allows you to reclaim your time instead of falling into procrastination, overwhelm and burn out.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my business story, click here and read Chapter 10 of Business on Purpose, a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Jacqueline Sisson
Jacqueline SissonLife Alignment and Master Relationship Coach
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Jade shows through her heart, openess, and boldness, in sharing her story that being ourselves is more than enough. It is life changing to keep aligned with who you are in both our personal and professional lives. Jade's book is a must read for my library.
Liyona Karabidyan
Liyona KarabidyanCopywriter & Neurodivergent Mentor
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My personal favorite was Chapter 10: Battling Imposter Syndrome by Jade Francesca. This chapter made me feel seen. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read amazing, inspiring stories about different women and especially if you'd like to feel heard and seen due to your struggles.